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FAA Certification Progress

DeltaHawk is well on its way to type certification of the DH-180A4 engine (180 HP).  An FAA Designated Engineering Representative consulting group, The DERs Group, has been engaged to manage and direct the process.  Current estimates are to achieve Type Certification (TC) as late in 2014.  The remaining engine model variants will be quickly certified afterward as amendments to the initial TC.


DeltaHawk’s Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP) was signed by the FAA Chicago Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) and DeltaHawk on August 14, 2008.  The PSCP is the guiding document for achieving DeltaHawk’s initial Type Certificate (TC) for the DH-180A4 engine. We are in the conformity phase, which includes submitting the final drawings and specifications of the engine and manufacturing components for the FAA to examine and approve as conforming to those specifications. Maintenance, operating and service manuals are also being prepared for FAA review.  A 270-hour FAA engine acceptance test is projected to take place in the second quarter of 2014.  


In addition to aiding with the TC process, the FAA’s Minneapolis Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) is working in coordination with the DERs Group to promptly obtain manufacturing authority (a Production Certificate) for the engine following award of the Type
Certificate.  An MRP (Materials and Resource Planning) system and the required FAA quality and process control procedures are being established and reviewed.  


The progress to date towards our Type Certificate and Production Certificate is a significant milestone in the history of DeltaHawk. Decisions made over 12 years ago have stood the test of time and will lead to an innovative new power plant for aviation worldwide. Among those innovations are:

  • Lightweight construction using modern materials

  • Two-stroke technology for high power density

  • Liquid cooling for precise thermal management

  • Ease of service with external components

  • Multiple orientations and reverse rotation from one basic platform

  • Multiple levels of redundancy in key systems

    • Dual independent air supply systems (turbo & supercharger)

    • Continued operation at reduced power with total loss of coolant

    • Four independent high-pressure fuel pumps

  • A critical altitude in excess of 18,000 feet

  • Mechanical fuel injection for proven, safe and reliable fuel management

    •  No electronics to fail

    •  No reliance on aircraft electrical power 

With fuels such as jet, diesel, and bio-diesel poised to become the worldwide fuels of choice, DeltaHawk customers can face the future confident they will be able to continue flying safely and economically.


We appreciate the patience of all who are waiting on the DeltaHawk engines and assure you that we are progressing as quickly as we can.


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