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Velocity SE & XL RG DeltaHawk Turbo Diesel



The Freedom to Fly … at 100% power up to 18,000 feet

The Freedom to Fly … alone VFR above most traffic and weather at 17,500

The Freedom to Fly … at "Best Economy & Best Power" all the timeDeltaHawk Diesel Engines

The Freedom to Fly … at 75% power (8.5 gal/hr. fuel burn) at any altitude up to 25,000’ ceiling

The Freedom to Fly … faster and farther on half as much fuel…250 mph @  25 mpg

The Freedom to Fly … over 1500 miles at max cruise for 6 hours on less than 60 gallons

The Freedom to Fly … four real people (750 lbs) 950 miles in 3.8 hours on 35 gallons or less

The Freedom to Fly … Higher, Farther and Faster for Less


Fly With A DeltaHawk


The Freedom to Fly…Today & Tomorrow


Velocity SE & XL RG DeltaHawk Turbo Diesel


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