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Welcome to DeltaHawk
 2-Stroke Piston-Ported Diesel Engines  160, 180 and 200Hp Models
 300 to 400 Hp Models Planned  Turbocharged & Supercharged
 Liquid Cooled  Lightweight Design

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What's Changed
Last Update 8/5/2014

DeltaHawk's V-4 Turbo Diesel Aircraft Engine
< designed from the ground up as a compression-ignition general aviation engine >
< designed for simplicity, durability, fuel efficiency and power >
< configured to accept a fixed or constant speed propeller >
springboard for other applications requiring lightweight compression-ignition engines

Made in the USA

DieselAir article about DeltaHawk in a Cirrus at AirVenture 2014

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch with DeltaHawk executives at introduction of DeltaHawk Powered Cirrus that arrived at AirVenture from Florida on Tuesday 29 July.

RV-7 Cirrus SR-20 Velocity RV-10 Lancair Legacy Cozy Mark IV Zenith CH801 DeltaHawk V4 engine

Firewall Forward Kits

Velocity Vans RV-7/RV-7A Lancair Legacy / ES
Cozy Mark IV Vans RV-10 Zenith CH801

This site contains all the information we can publish at this time. Product literature - and videos will be made available as engine models move from development to production.

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